The Best and the Brightest - Bioneers 2006


The annual Bioneers conference is our favorite conference of the year!  This October  proved no different than before.  There is some great news on new research and this page will lead you to some exciting links!

Who are the Bioneers?

Bioneers is a forum for connecting the environment, health, social justice, and spirit within a broad progressive framework.

The Motto is "It's All Alive, It's All Intelligent, It's All Connected."

This year we got to hear from Paul Stamets.  Paul is the “Mushroom King”, he holds several patents, from using mushrooms for medicinal purposes to non-toxic pesticide applications. 

The most exciting thing Paul told us was about finding the mushrooms which pull hydrocarbons (oil) from the ground.  He also said they have isolated mushrooms that can target dioxin, pcb’s and phalates.  These are thought impossible to transform!  Hhm.... if we can get them out of the soil, maybe we can get them out of our bodies!

Click here to download Paul’s talk at the Conference, there is a $2. charge for the download.

Here is the page we did on Mushrooms a few months back. 

Here is an article on mushrooms by Paul Stamets

Pauls Website is

An article about cleaning up toxins using mushrooms can be found at

Lois Gibbs, the mother of three who helped to get her community at Love Canal evacuated also spoke.  Lois has been a hero of mine since I first heard of her as a teenager.  Lois talked about their latest efforts at getting PVC plastics off the market.  Check out this video and pass it on to spread the word.

To download Lois’ speech at the Bioneers click this link (it will cost $2.)

We had just reported on plastics and are pleased to help spread the word about PVC.  This web page has some great resources to help you understand what is safe and what is not.

An unexpected motivation came from Sarah Crowell of the Destiny Arts Center in Oakland.  The performance art group made up of teens from 25 different area schools blew everyone away at the conference.  When she spoke about the need for people to be in their bodies and not just in their ideas, my heart sang!  The work she is doing with these kids is fantastic.  Check out their website

If you are looking for a place to donate money that is making a big difference in peoples lives, consider them.

These are just a few of the highlights from the conference.  Please check out their website and learn about these brilliant people who are working on all aspects of our planetary health.




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