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Recently we have talked about studies showing that a nutritional supplement was showing solid evidence in the ability to prevent breast cancer growth. In the December issue of the International Journal of Oncology. Lead investigator Dr. Daniel Sliva says, “The formula inhibits growth of highly metastatic human breast cancer cells, and suppresses metastatic potential of these cells.” The developer of this formula is Dr Isaac Eliaz MD MS LaC. Dr Eliaz runs the Amitabha Medical Clinic in Northern California. HE is a great mind in integrtive medicine and we got a chance for a quick interview with him!

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Breast Health Project: We love your products, especially Breast Defend.  It is great to find a product with such practical and objective research behind it.  Can you help our readers understand what is in it and why it is important?

Dr Eliaz: Breast Defend is a natural breast care formula containing 8 ingredients that have been extensively researched for their ability to protect breast cellular health. The formula draws on multiple medical systems and also from my experiences as a clinician, healer and medical researcher.

I developed this product to help women promote and maintain healthy breast tissue and normal breast cellular function. The ingredients that comprise the Breast Defend formula have been shown to work synergistically with each other via multiple modes of action to simultaneously promote health and fight disease from many angles.

Quercetin, turmeric extract, Astragalus root extract, Scutellaria barbata (Chinese skullcap) extract, and DIM (an estrogen regulating ingredient found in broccoli) function with a combination of antioxidant activity, hormonal balancing, and advanced immune support.

In addition, I’ve added three botanically enhanced medicinal mushrooms that have been shown to promote and sustain breast and immune health: Phellinus lintus, Coriolus versicolor, and Gandoderma lucidum. The medicinal properties of these mushrooms are enhanced by growing them on a blend of immune enhancing herbs and organic brown rice.

This formula can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies safely and effectively.

Breast Health Project: Do you believe breast cancer can be prevented?

Dr Eliaz: Every individual has their own unique health history, and some of us may be predisposed to certain illnesses more than others. However, there are many integrative approaches to the prevention of breast cancer, such as the use of specific targeted nutrients and supplements along with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

One of the lesser known prevention methods is the use of thermography as an imaging tool to detect physiological changes in breast tissue before they become (potentially) cancerous. If abnormalities are visible early on, specific anti-cancer protocols using integrative therapies can be adapted to fit an individual’s unique needs.

It is my experience that for a patient with a high risk of breast cancer, active and effective integrative protocols can either prevent or delay the onset of breast cancer. If breast cancer does occur, these protocols can help to mitigate the severity and effects of breast cancer.

Breast Health Project: What do you think about supplementing with iodine for breast cysts?

Dr Eliaz: I think that Western Civilization and in particular people living far from the ocean are iodine depleted. Supplementation with iodine can be important for breast health both directly and by helping to chelate bromides. While most women need a higher dose than the USRDA of 300 mcg, I do have some concerns about very high doses on a long term basis.

Breast Health Project: Can you explain the connection between Vitamin D and breast cancer?

Dr Eliaz: Vitamin D is a nutrient that many women (and men) are deficient in. Our bodies generate the majority of our vitamin D (in the form of vitamin D-3 which is more readily converted into its active form called 1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol) as a reaction to sun exposure.

Being that the majority of us spend our days indoors working, using computers and watching TV, it’s not a surprise that many people are depleted of this nutrient. Lowered vitamin D levels can lead to lowered immune function and reduced protection from cancer, heart disease, infections and metabolic complications, among other health problems.

With regards to prevention of breast cancer, vitamin D plays an important role. Vitamin D can enhance cell differentiation and promote healthy cell replication, while also slowing the growth and metastasis of cancerous tumors – effectively doubling the survival rate for many patients. Depending on a patient’s blood levels of vitamin D, I often recommend supplementing with 5,000 IU of Vitamin D-3 per day, with higher doses during winter months.

Breast Health Project: Anything else you’d like to add?

Dr Eliaz: Yes. Breast cancer is a very common illness and unfortunately it is reaching a state of epidemic. Taking multidimensional approaches that include changes in lifestyle such as improved sleep, diet, exercise, stress relief, hydration, etc, together with effective supplement programs that support breast cellular health are the key to prevention of breast cancer.

Addressing issues of toxins such as xenoestrogens and heavy metals is an important part of these protocols. Women need to balance between their risk factors and their health promoting protocols. The higher the risk for breast cancer, the more aggressive the protocol should be.

Complementary therapies are key to making conventional treatments for breast cancer more effective, and take an even more important role in the long term post treatment strategy.

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