Getting a Hot Thermogram


A personal story from our Director.....

Last fall I went for a thermogram.  I always want to try things before we recommend them.  I was a little late on the thermogram because we have published a lot about them, but we continually get questions about women who get a “hot” thermogram and then further testing with mammography and ultrasound showing no problem.

When this happens, the guidelines of what to do and how much one should worry vary depending on whom you talk to.  I personally have put off thermography because I have a continually “coffee lump: that comes up in my left breast.   I also can get pre- menstrual swelling in my left breast if I am stressed out, working too hard or not eating well.  I have been able to manage the symptoms, but the issue never quite goes completely away.

Of course, when I got the test, I had done exactly what you are not supposed to do before a thermogram.  I drank a triple Americano for breakfast and it was three days before my period started.  It was a busy month.... :)

Still, I was shocked to see the thermogram on the screen. The left breast was HOT!  I knew it would be at least a T4  (for more about thermogram scores, go here) and a mammogram would be recommended.

Now, I know a lot about breast health.  I know a good deal about my body and I know more than the average woman about thermography.  To me. the image looked like an estrogen issue.  I know that my left breast swells before my period. 

My belief about it is that the old injury to my left shoulder and consistent overuse of the left shoulder contribute to the tendency for problems on the left side.  I have seen similar issues over and over in my practice and with a holistic approach, they can usually be cleared up.

Still, when the technician told me that it is not possible for only one breast to swell due to estrogen, I doubted myself.  I was reeling and could imagine what so many of you that have written us must have been feeling.  I got scared.  Then it was - here are some ideas, go to the doctor right away and have a nice day.  I was stunned and even more scared.

I want to communicate with you about the feeling of fear and isolation that it brought up.  I was so hesitant to tell anyone because of their worry and projection.  (Mine was enough!)  People are so scared of cancer that it was near impossible to speak to someone who was not projecting thru their own fears. 

Very few people asked me what I thought, what I needed, they just spewed their fears.  I knew almost immediately, I was not going to tell people about this or ask for support from many people.

I did however gather the smartest practitioners I know and develop a protocol. I want to share with you the protocol I used and why I used it. 

Remember, this protocol was unique to my own body issues but hopefully I will encourage you to make proactive changes and get an experienced expert to help you.

If you are reading this now, have a hot thermogram and don’t feel like you have an expert.  I will list resources at the end of the article that can work with you over the phone.

First Step – Cleanse

I wanted to give my body a good chance to heal itself, I had been under a good deal of stress and so I decided to do a detoxification for three weeks.  I choose the Designs for Health Cleanse.  I like the entire package, I think it offers more than the standard herbal cleanses you get in the store and the company is good about testing for purity.  Normally, I don’t like whey protein, but I know I could do it for three weeks and be fine.

The Designs for Health Cleanse has the following ingredients to it.  The descriptions are straight from their promotional material.  My comments are in red

3-A-Day Antioxidant:

Three A Day Antioxidant combines the best of the water soluble and herbal free radical quenchers, including optimal doses of C, E, zinc and selenium. Three A Day Antioxidant is a critical supplement for anyone under high amounts of stress, or exposed to environmental toxins and pollution.

It contains NAC, one of the most powerful antioxidant nutrients known. Leucine is included in the formula to create a balance with NAC in the body's amino acid metabolism.


LV-GB Complex provides support for liver and gallbladder function by providing lipotropic substances to aid in the elimination of fatty substances from the liver, as well as promoting proper bile flow (ie: L-methionine, taurine, inositol, and choline, beta-carotene, ox bile).

These are combined with a combination of hepatic (aid the liver) and cholagogue (aid bile flow) herbs, such as milk thistle, greater celadine, dandelion, fringe tree, artichoke, and beet for optimal processing and elimination of toxins.

This formula is designed to also support optimal digestion and assimilation of essential fats and fat-soluble vitamins.


Amino-D-Tox was designed to biochemically up regulate phase II detoxification. It is free of herbals, minerals and B vitamins which would also up regulate phase I detoxification. Consumers who are chemically injured, who have chronic illness, and who are pathologic detoxifiers (blocked phase II pathways), will find that this product will gently up regulate all the conjugation pathways resulting in excretion of the pollutants without mobilizing more oxidized pollutants in the body from body fat stores.

These oxidized pollutants can be more toxic and harmful than the original substance. The phase II conjugating pathways must be prepared to deal with phase I metabolites before these pathways are stimulated. For repairing the liver's ability to detoxify chemicals, this product should be used before any other nutraceutical, or powdered detoxification formula, until the conjugating pathways are all working optimally.


A comprehensive functional food powder for detoxification that tastes great, is low in carbohydrates, and is fructose free! PaleoCleanse contains quality hypoallergenic protein and macronutrients to fuel detoxification pathways, a full multivitamin/mineral for detoxification enzyme support, all the nutrients needed to support and balance phase I and II metabolic pathways, and high levels of antioxidant support for safe detoxification.

This liver formula also contains the most comprehensive array of herbal hepatics, alternatives and cholagogues to promote optimal liver function and elimination. This formula tastes great and does not contain fructose.  It really does taste great and doing the regular shakes made a cleanse so much easier!


PaleoMeal is our powdered nutrition formula designed to promote peak wellness by optimizing patients' intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and micronutrients. The ingredients make this formula ideal for patients needing support with weight control, GI health, detoxification, immune issues, heavy metals, and muscle gain.

PaleoMeal is made with exceptional quality whey protein, which comes from herds that graze on pesticide-free, chemical-free natural grass pastures. These milking cows are never given bovine growth hormone or any other hormones (No rBST or rBGH), genetically modified organisms or injected pathogens. This whey protein is never exposed to high heat temperatures.

The result is the highest quality protein supplement, rich in immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. Free of artificial flavors and sweeteners, PaleoMeal is available in natural vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

The entire program cost me about $200 and will last the entire three weeks.  I added my own green supplement into the shakes.  I like Progreens because of the single does packaging, but even barley or chlorophyll help to support the liver and assist in detoxification.

Another company that we really like their cleansing products is TRIELEMENTS.   They do not have a protein shake, which we feel makes cleansing much easier, but their supplements are excellent, pure and extremely well researched.  Here are some links to their products.  (please tell them breast health project sent you, it may even work as a coupon code for 10% off)


In addition to cleansing my body, I wanted to fortify it.  This year has been extremely stressful so I chose the following supplements.

B vitamins

A case-control study compared prediagnostic levels of serum folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 in 195 women later diagnosed with breast cancer and 195 age-matched women who were not diagnosed with breast cancer (19). Among women who were postmenopausal at the time of blood donation, the association between blood levels of vitamin B12 and breast cancer suggested a threshold effect.

The risk of breast cancer was more than doubled in women with serum vitamin B12 levels in the lowest quintile (1/5) compared to women in the four highest quintiles. The investigators found no relationship between breast cancer and serum levels of vitamin B6, folate, or homocysteine. A case-control study in Mexican women (475 cases and 1,391 controls) reported that breast cancer risk for women in the highest quartile (1/4) of vitamin B12 intake was 68% lower than those in the lowest quartile (20).

Stratification of the data revealed that the inverse association between dietary vitamin B12 intake and breast cancer risk was stronger in postmenopausal women compared to premenopausal women, though both associations were statistically significant. Because these studies were observational, it cannot be determined whether decreased serum levels of vitamin B12 or low dietary vitamin B12 intakes were a cause or a result of breast cancer.

Previously, there has been little evidence to suggest a relationship between vitamin B12 status and breast cancer risk. However, high dietary folate intakes have been associated with reduced risk for breast cancer in several studies, and some studies have reported that vitamin B12 intake may modify this association (21, 22).

For me it is more experiential than this.  When my breast is sore and I take b vitamins, my breast pain is gone within an hour.  And I do not have any studies to prove it; this is just what works for my body.

Calcium D Glucarate

We think it is one of the best-researched supplements to help with detoxification and reduce estrogen uptake from the gut.  We were looking for something to balance the condition causing the estrogenic effects in the breast.

Here is one article


and another

You can read a whole book about it here:

And a whole website about it here:

DIM or I3C

The experts we consults really varied about which one is better.  The most grounded answer we got said that for some women DIM does the trick to change a hot thermogram and for other women, I3C works.  Please note, there is controversy here.

Here is more info.

From Life Extention Magazine


And the one where they endorse I3C


pro DIM

I opted for muscle testing and I3C was my best choice.  It has worked great!

Flax Seeds/Oil

The study that showed a 73% reduction in breast cancer risk for women with a high lignan intake was enough to convince.  We like chopping the seeds in our shakes, using the oil on our food and sprinkling the freshly ground seeds on our salads.

Be careful with flax, it goes rancid easily but it is definitely a part of our balancing act at this point.

Mineral Supplementation

The evidence with selenium deficiency and breast cancer is convincing.  I chose to supplement with a lot of seaweed and occasionally use a mineral supplement.  I found I would only take the mineral supplement every few weeks and that my body was not craving it like it was the other tools I was using. 

I was getting some mineral supplements thru the cleanse.

Female Plus

We love using Carl as an herbalist, but this formula is amazing.  I used an 8 ounce bottle and then use it on occasion when things seem to get out of balance.  The amazing thin about this was the immediate noticeable effect.  Here is a link for purchase, please tell them we sent you!


The evidence for mushrooms is great.  I alternate between Botanical Preservation Corps   and Econeugenics.  I use these all the time but this really made me double up.  I keep the ones from BPC in a spice shaker and sprinkle maitake on all my food.  Then i supplement with the formula.  Econuegenics also has a powder with a six mushroom combination i love.


The question about diet is very individual.  We would love to give you a magic formula, but people are so different and what works even for the same person at a different time will vary.  I chose to make dietary changes based on blood testing and Chinese medicine diagnosis.  For blood testing and a great nutritionist who can work with you from a distance, we highly recommend Jeanne Wallace.

I went about 50% raw food.  Mostly vegetarian with a ton of green vegetables, wheatgrass daily.  No Dairy, wheat and very little sugar - just good dark chocolate.

I stayed on the cleanse for three weeks and gave my body six months before I got retested.  In the ensuing six month, I tried to be willing to look at all the aspects of healing.  There is always the question of “why did this happen?” 

Emotional Factors?

Even asking the question can be loaded because it can be interpreted as “blaming the victim” to believe that emotions are a causative factor in getting cancer. 

Personally, I like the Chinese theory that blocked/unhealthy emotions create blocked energy, which creates the potential for disease to develop.  It does not mean that disease if anyone’s fault.

The creation of cancer is not simple.  There are multiple factors that seem to contribute.  Something creates a weakness in the cell or the DNA or the gene.  Is it nutritional deficiency?  Is it emotional toxicity?  Is it genetic?  Is it Karmic?  I think the fact that environmental toxins are a contributing/causative factor is quite well established but you cannot control the exposure.

I don’t know the answers, but I was willing to look in any of the directions.  I think that facing the possibility of cancer (which is not certain from a hot thermogram, but the mind does go there) makes you look at your life and what you might want to change. 

This aspect of reflection is unique and personal to every person.  Certainly nourishment does not only come from food.  Are there aspects of my life that needed to change in order to feel more nourished?  I could reduce exposure to toxins somewhat and help my body get rid of it’s toxic load.  I could give it the nourishment and the enzymes it needs to do the healing and repair it needed.

Looking at the nature of my thoughts about myself, my breasts, my sexuality all seemed immediately relevant and important.  For those of you faced with this issue, other issues may come up in your mind.  It is not blame, at least it did not feel like it to me, it was empowering and very honest.

It is not the simplified New Age “cancer means anger” B.S. that we have ranted about numerous times on this website.  Everyone goes thru the journey differently.  I hope that sharing the protocol is helpful for you.  If you have other thoughts or ideas, we will publlsh your responses.

You could make great arguments for Sam-E, wobenzyme, and a number of other supplements, raw food, wheat grass etc.  Let me know what you think and if you have other protocols that are working.

To our health!







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