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Iodine and Breast Cancer 101

We have wanted to publish information about this subject for a few years.  Ever since we saw Lynn Farrow speak and the Annieappleseed Conference.  It always seemed daunting because it is a big and somewhat controversial topic.  I do not encourage you to go out and dose yourself with Iodine.  Please work with a practitioner.  If you don't have one, write us and i will help you find someone who understands this issue and can work with you over the phone. 

We have constructed several pages to look at the issue of thyroid as it is related to breast health.  This first page is going to be a thyroid, breast connection 101.  Why are thyroid and the breast even connected?  What do they have to do with each other and what breast symptoms could be related to thyroid?

Let’s start with a brief introduction to the thyroid and what it does.  Although the thyroid is small and weighs less than an ounce, every cell in your body relies on its function.  It is responsible for metabolism and energy production.  That is why the classic low thyroid symptoms are fatigue and weight gain.

It starts in your pituitary gland.  There TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is produced.  This is the reason your doctor checks your TSH level when checking the health of your thyroid gland.  TSH stimulates the thyroid to produce T4 and T3.  Some people do not convert T4 to T3 easily and so even though their TSH may be normal, they still show symptoms of low thyroid. 

Most naturopathic and more Medial Doctors are looking at T3 and T4 levels as well as looking for thyroid antibodies to get a more complete picture of what is happening in your thyroid. 

The ability to convert T4 to T3 may be inhibited by many factors. 

Nutritional deficiencies include:





              Vit A, and some B’s

Environmental Factors include:


              Insulin issues







T3 and T4 indicates how many iodine molecules are present, three or four.  Iodine is present in evert tissue in the body.  When there is not enough iodine in the breast, symptoms are fibrocystic breast tissue, breast lumps and possibly breast cancer.


What is the connection to the breast?

You have seen that iodine is an essential nutrient for thyroid function.  Besides being used in the thyroid, the breasts also store and use iodine.  There are many studies that show that you can reverse (yes I said reverse) fibrocystic breast conditions with iodine. If you have been doing the lymphatic breast massage and still have fibrous breasts, i would try this solution.  Fibroids too and ovarian cysts....  More references for that in a minute.

One thing we know about fibrous breasts is that they seem to be more estrogen active.  They tend to swell and become more painful with increase estrogen in the monthly cycle.  If you can reverse this tendency, you are affecting estrogen in the breast. This is fantastic!

We could rewrite the book here, but will refer you to http://www.breastcancerchoices.org/iodine.html to really cover this area fully.  This website fully covers the issues around breast cancer and iodine.  You will read about how the effects of iodine are not only hormonal, but also biochemical and genetic.

And this from the health ranger website goes thru about twenty different references for why breast cancer and iodine are related.  It also introduces the important mineral selenium as a possible cofactor.

Here is a page talking about using iodine to prevent breast cancer using iodine.

Three more pages on this topic

We have published another page on this topic that has five videos talking about the iodine breast connection. 

We have a page that explains what environmental chemicals are related to thyroid disruption.

and another one full of research connecting breast health to iodine.

For more research on the topic of fibroids and other hormonal issues using thyroid, go here.

Again, please don't just start dosing yourself on this, although it is rare, some people have kicked in an autoimmune condition of the thyroid by using high doses of iodine.  Please work with a practitioner....




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