Iodine, Thyroid and Breast Cancer Videos


The first two videos on this page are of Dr John Doulliard from Boulder, Colorado. I personally know John but am using this page of his to help you understand the issue for two reasons.  First, I agree with what he says and second, I think he is articulate and easy to listen to.  These are directed more at lay people interested in the issue.

The next three videos are from a naturopathic doctor, Dr Haskell.  He is not as eloquent a speaker, but the information he lays out is perfect.  If you have a hard time with these videos, he gives you a recap in the third video.  These three are more targeted to health care professionals.

Video One

Dr John Doulliard - website

Video 2

Here is a link to a page on Dr Doulliard’s website that talks about this very issue if you prefer to read it.

Here are the three Videos from Dr Haskell.  He really explains the connection between thyroid and estrogen and breast cancer.  It is a little dry but if you understand this, you will have a lot.  i really encourage practitioners to listen to these at least once.  Dr Haskell’s website is:

Dr Haskell recommends a much lower does of iodine supplement than most other Doctors you will hear from.  We are scheduled to interview him or have him respond to out inquiries about this in the next few weeks.

Video one

Video 2

Video three

These three books are also very excellent references:

Two by David Brownstein:


And one by David Derry

If you know of other videos that are great about this topic, please let us know.




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