Myofascial Release and Breast Healing


What does fascia have to do with breast cancer?  The first and most obvious answer is post treatment.  Women who have had breast cancer, often face fascial restriction in the areas of surgery and or radiation.  There is also a theory about fascial restriction creating an unhealthy tissue environment as a possible contributing factor to breast cancer that we will explore later.

Here is an interview with a physical therapist at the first Fascial Research Conference held in 2007 at Harvard Medical School.  There are three videos, about ten minutes each.  They are worth it to watch, especially if you have had breast cancer. 


I know, it is a bit detailed.  This is really great stuff for massage therapists working with breast cancer patients.  If you are a patient or a survivor and you get massages, please refer your massage therapist to this page.


What he says at about two minutes there about the lymphatic system and scar tissue is really our experience in a nutshell.  If you are thinking about getting massages or even physical therapy after breast surgery, please watch these videos.


OK, i know it is a lot, but every woman should have this information after surgery.  He makes so many good points here about getting back into your tissue after surgery AND the benefits of working with an experienced therapist.

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