Ten Things You Can Do to Promote Breast Health


(These are not necessarily listed in order of importance)

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Take A Pill

  • There are many studies, which indicate that low stress and proper diet help maintain good health.  In order for the body to get rid of the toxins we are exposed to everyday, the proper nutrients are necessary.
  • When you can’t control these things, take a pill.  The research on Calcium D Glucarate specifically to help the body rid itself from toxins is compelling.  Sam-e is also a good choice.

Healthy Fats

  • We need fat in order to produce hormones, fats are also important for many body functions.  Think of it as the quality of fat = the quality of your cellular membranes.  Make sure to get plenty of OMEGA 3’s from fish, flax or walnuts.  You want your fat to be unrefined and not hydrogenated.
  • The research on having high levels of lignans (found in flax oil) in the blood is especially compelling for pre-menopausal women.

Phyto hormones

  • We know that phyto estrogens are less potent in the body and compete with the stronger forms of estrogen.  Soy is still controversial.  The idea came from the Asian diet and lower breast cancer incidence, but tofu isn’t actually such a large part of the Asian diet, nor is soy bacon!  We wouldn’t recommend any supplement that was a large dose of soy.

Happy Liver

  • It is the liver’s job to metabolize hormones and other chemicals.  Too much work for the liver is overwhelming, just like it is for us.  When it gets overwhelmed, it does not work as well. 
  • Bitters and water are great tonics for the liver; a little less poison is a good idea too! 
  • Chamomile Tea or Dandelion Tea   Calcium d glucarate is helpful here, as are super green supplements like Vita Mineral Greens, Synergy or Perfect Food.  Even just a clorophyl supplement is helpful.

Less Stress

  • Stress makes the entire body work harder, not just the liver.  The body eats up more nutrients when it is stressed, increasing your need for nutrients.  Our tendency might be to eat worse when we are stressed, but this is when taking better care of ourselves is really important. 
  • If you have PMS, try taking a b complex vitamin and if that helps stabilize your mood, you are not getting enough nourishment.

Keep Your Weight Down

  • There is a clear connection between obesity and all sorts of health problems.  The connection here is two-fold.  Estrogen is produced by fatty tissue; this can cause excess estrogen in the system. 
  • Lack of exercise means the lymph is not moving; the tissue is not being cleaned.  Excess weight is more of an issue post menopause than pre-menopause in regards to breast cancer. 
  • There are also theories about fat, lipophilic (fat seeking) chemicals and genetic mutations that could lead to cancer.

High Fiber

Less Alcohol

  • Consistent drinking is a great source of pesticide exposure, creates weight gain and is linked to increased breast cancer rates.  If you love wine, when you drink it enjoy it.  On it’s own, an occasional glass of wine won’t kill you. 
  • A long miserable life is not necessarily a better life.  Enjoy the things that are important to you.  Enjoy them – in moderation.

Personality in a cup?

  • Sorry to say but there is consistent literature on caffeine and breast health.  Something about robbing the body of minerals - bummer!  Some women find coffee or even chocolate causes breast lumps.  If this is an issue, abstain for a month and see what your body says.


Rebound and Gua Sha – Keep your Energy Moving

Limit Your Exposures

  • Pesticides, herbicides, phalates, dioxins, organochlorides, PCB’s are held by many to be carcinogens.  We know that they affect the hormonal system in animals.  Exercise the precautionary principle.

Eat Less Meat and Dairy Products

  • There are a few reasons for this, first the chemicals and hormones fed to the animals may end up in the food chain.  The higher we eat on the food chain, the more concentrated the chemicals in our food. 
  • If you want to learn more about this, read The China Study  by T Colin Campbell, Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosse or Mad Cowboy  by Howard Lyman.  The second two are not for the faint of heart. 




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