Getting a Hot Thermogram

Supplements to treat and prevent cancer

Detoxification-10 tips

Four Simple Things to Reduce Risk

Mammography: The Hidden Risks

Detoxification - Connie Hernandez ND

Discover the Magic of Gua Sha

Biomonitoring Breasts

Qi Gong and Energy Medicine

Nutrition to Prevent Breast Cancer


State of The Evidence

Vitex: Herbal Hormone Remedy

Medicinal Mushrooms

Herbs for Breast Health:  Cedar Bear

Pesto recipe

Flax Muffin Recipe

Which Plastics are Safe?

Mineral Broth Recipe

Bioneers - It's All Connected

Green Soup

Interview with Ann Fonfa -

  The Annie Appleseed Project

Winter Soup Recipes

How Can I Avoid Chemicals That Cause Cancer?

Cleansing:  Simple yet Profound

40 Ways to Reduce Your Risk

Beet Soup Recipe

Chemosensitivity Testing

Self Breast Exams Reconsidered

What you Can Do To Create Breast Health

     - a list of helpful ideas

Ten Things To Look for in Integrative Therapies

Breast Calcifications

Estrogen Metabolites:  Testing or Not?

Myofascial Release for Breast Health

Iodine and Breast Cancer 101

Iodine, Thyroid and Breast Cancer, what does the research say?

Thyroid and Breast Cancer Videos

Thyroid Problems, Breast Cancer and the Environment

Iodine Dosing: Interview with Dr Alexsander Haskell




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