We made this DVD because so many clients begged us to. It is one hour long and is a complete self taught course! This way you can learn the exercises in the comfort and privacy of your own home. more info

A New Model - One that REALLY WORKS!

Most of us have heard that monthly breast self-exams are an integral part of breast cancer prevention. Finding cancer early is NOT breast cancer prevention. Early treatment is helpful in most cases, especially cosmetically, but it is not “preventing cancer.” In fact, the benefit of breast self-exams in early detection has been called into question.

One large 12-year study in China involving more than 266,000 Chinese women found no clear benefit in breast self-exam over finding cancer randomly. (1) Nor was there a difference in mortality rates. What the women who did the regular breast self-exams did get was…more unnecessary biopsies. The study has flaws but there really isn’t any study which proves that Breast Self-Exams are beneficial.

On her website breast cancer expert Dr. Susan Love says “I am opposed to the notion that women should look on their breasts as though they were enemy soldiers being searched for weapons. I am opposed to investing money in a technique that has not been shown to change mortality. And I am opposed to using breast self-exam as an excuse for not finding better methods of early detection. I find that women themselves get scared to death and alienated from their bodies, feeling they need to go on this monthly search-and-destroy mission. I also think the ones who do feel empowered are often getting a false sense of security.”

If breast self-exams don't work, how come they are still being promoted?

Breast self- exams are the only early detection/prevention model that is offered to women too young for effective mammography. Although 75% of breast cancer is in women over 50 years old, the 25% of women under fifty don’t have any viable method of early detection. Until there is a more widely recognized alternative, there is nothing else. The conversation about prevention isn’t even on the table. That is not acceptable.

The methods taught by The Breast Health Project will be the alternative. In ten years, most women will know about them. Because of your curiosity and desire to learn you are learning it earlier than most. Congratulations!

Is there such a thing as breast cancer prevention?

From a western perspective, breast cancer prevention is yet to be proven. The techniques of prevention are mastectomy or Tamoxifen. Those methods are more radical than many women are willing to accept. The idea that you could keep errant cell from becoming cancer is not the paradigm.

From an eastern perspective, disease prevention is a more widely accepted concept. Eastern medicine sees symptoms as signs of some imbalance in the body. Root causes of symptoms are explored to identify the source of the imbalance. By bringing the body back into balance symptoms do not progress to a disease state. Eastern medicine recognizes that imbalances regularly arise in the system due to stresses, emotional patterns and environmental exposures. In this concept ongoing preventative methods are critical to long-term health.

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Where do the methods of promoting breast health immunity come from?

The idea of preventing breast cancer has been around for thousands of years in the Chinese and Ayurvedic medical texts. For example, in the Chinese texts it is suggested that one vigorously rub the breasts until they are red and warm in order to enhance breast health. This stimulation will activate and balance the energetic meridians that run through the chest area. (Go here to learn how to use eastern breast health techniques to remove energy stagnation). In western therapies, lymphatic massage is used to clean tissue and strengthen the immune system. The Breast Health Project techniques are adaptations from both eastern and western knowledge.

The idea that underlying emotional issues play a part in the development of disease is recognized in eastern medicine. In the west, the connection between emotion and hormonal imbalance is a developing area of research. The Breast Health Project recognizes the connection between emotion and physical health. We include emotional awareness techniques in order to remove any emotional patterns that may contribute to disease manifestation. (Check out our page on PMS.)

How is this different from a self-breast exam?

We have replaced the old model of looking for disease with a new model based on maintaining health. Previously, we were told to check for cancer monthly. This has caused so much fear for women that they often don’t do it. In fact, the China study showed that women who did monthly exams experienced more benign biopsies.

We have found that by teaching women how to massage their breast tissue and open up the energy around the breasts, they create a different relationship. Rather than being afraid of their breast tissue, they are empowered.

In energetic theory, fear causes energy to constrict. Releasing the fear by being proactive opens up the energy and helps to create health in the breasts. Also the brain is more curious and able to learn when we are doing something empowering for ourselves. If we are to get to know our breasts, let’s start by being nice and loving them!

What do I do to support my own breast health?

Healthy lymph movement and a balanced energy system are critical to breast health. In order to create breast health, we practice four basic methods that will activate your lymph system and balance your energy.

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Breathe: Deep breathing exercises massage the thoracic duct, which is the largest lymph vessel in the body. This helps to move the lymph. There is a direct connection between quality of breathing habits and healthy lymph.

Deep breathing also moves our stress response towards a more relaxed state. Our body works best when it is not stressed. Remember that more than 80% of disease is stress related. Stopping your stress response is a crucial component in disease prevention.

Move: Every study implicates the positive connection between exercise and good health. This relates to oxygen, energy and lymph because movement affects them all. Many types of exercise are effective for enhancing lymphatic function and energy movement. The Breast Health Project promotes very simple movements that are specifically designed to open the energy channels in the chest. These simple exercises help to develop awareness of emotional patterns that may surface when energy begins to move in the chest. ( Click here to learn the movement exercises)

Massage Your Lymph: Lymphatic massage is different from regular massage in that it mimics the way lymph moves naturally and exaggerates that movement. There are a number of lymph nodes in the armpit area and around the collarbone, which help to clean and filter the breast tissue. We can learn to enhance lymph movement in our breasts using simple massage techniques. (Click here to get instructions on lymphatic breast massage.)

Keep Your Energy Channels Open: If your breast tissue and surrounding areas are sore, this is a sign that the energy in your chest area is not moving well. Keeping this area flowing and pain free is an important part of our breast health model. In eastern medical theory stagnant energy can create the condition in which disease can develop. The exercises that you’ll be taught in this model support continuous healthy flow of energy in the breast area. A premenstrual condition may cause breast tenderness. If this is the case for you and the area is too sore to touch, try these techniques after your period has started. Stimulated regularly throughout the month, these points will decrease premenstrual soreness. (Click here to learn how to open your energy channels.)

For more complete instruction you can order the video or attend a class in your area.

(1) taken from October 2, 2002, Journal of the National Cancer Institute

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We made this DVD because so many clients begged us to. It is one hour long and is a complete self taught course! This way you can learn the exercises in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Creating Breast Health DVD

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“Creating Breast Health is a wonderful and comprehensive tool for every person for whom self-care is a priority.” - Michelle P. Brown, MD, Medical Director, Lemuria Health Institute, Monterey, California

“Thank you, for this gift to all women.” - Kendelyn Beck, Berkeley, CA

“This month my breasts were nearly 100% pain free.” - Jen Weiher, Carmel, California


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