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Dear Friend,


On July 11 of this year, Forty women, the majority of whom are breast cancer survivors, will ascend Mount Shasta, as sponsored participants, in a CLIMB AGAINST THE ODDS, to raise money for research that could ultimately lead to the prevention of breast cancer.

As the founder of the Breast Health Project and an advocate for the Breast Cancer Fund, I am honored to be making the climb with these heroic women and glad to be helping to further the work of this organization.

The Breast Cancer Fund is composed of knowledgeable and informed people who believe that there are environmental elements that cause breast cancer and they have adopted the bold mission to eliminate these environmental causes. 

How? Through public education, policy initiatives, outdoor challenges and other innovative campaigns, they mobilize the public to secure the changes needed to stop this devastating epidemic that strikes our mothers, daughters and friends.

Ways?  In 2005/2006 The Breast Cancer Fund championed Biomonitoring programs in California, a Safe Cosmetic Campaign, a Radiation Safety Bill and a Precautionary Principle that was adopted by San Francisco.

Did you know?  Every year The Breast Cancer Fund publishes a report called “The State of The Evidence” which examines and presents evidence of the environmental links to breast cancer.  This is a thorough, current, unbiased and easy to understand document, which is made available, free of charge, to all of us, on their website. (

We need your support to save the lives of half a million women each year. It cannot be left to big business or the pharmaceutical companies because they have a different agenda.

 For my part, I am proud to participate in raising funds to that end in this year’s “Climb Against the Odds” on Mt Shasta in California.  I want you to sponsor me in my challenge to get up the mountain in the form of a donation of $100.

For this donation I will carry for you, a prayer flag to the top of Mount Shasta inscribed with the name of a woman, in your life, who has faced breast cancer.  At the 14,300 ft summit, we will have an inspirational ceremony and fly the flags and send out the prayers. I will then memorialize your participation in this heartfelt event, by forwarding to you a   personal prayer flag memento of our joint effort.

I hope you will help. Please send the most generous gift you can, as soon as possible. Send a check made payable to The Breast Cancer Fund to the address below, or donate online at

Send a check made payable to The Breast Cancer Fund to;

Daya Fisch

1120 Forest Ave

Suite 108

Pacific Grove, CA 93950


With grateful appreciation,

Daya Fisch

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