Gua Sha is an Asian healing technique, which scrapes the skin with a tool in order to remove toxins from the system. It has been referred to as the chicken soup of the Asian world. “Gua” means scrape and “Sha” means toxin. It is a wonderful and easy way to do self-massage, getting great results with ease!


To do it, you actually scrape the skin with the tool in a swift motion around the painful area. Scrape in a downward motion. The scraping should not be painful. The skin will most often become red and possibly even look bruised. This is seen as a good sign in Chinese medicine as it is a sign of release of toxins through the skin. The bruising should go away in a few days.


Gua Sha has been around as a folk remedy for centuries. It has been used for muscle pain, colds, headaches, chronic injuries and a number of other problems. At the Breast Health Project we use Gua Sha to help teach women how to change painful breast conditions for themselves. Here is a story of one client.

One client came in complaining of chronic headaches. When massaging her, it became clear that her neck and shoulders were very tight. During the session, we were able to reduce the tension and relieve the headache. Normally for a client that tight, she would need to return on a weekly basis. I gave her a Gua Sha to use on her neck. When she returned two months later, she reported that she had not had one single headache since that session! She carries her Gua Sha with her everywhere!


When many women start to massage their breasts, they realize that they may have a lot of pain in their body. For example, if you are one of the many women with sore neck and shoulders you will LOVE using a Gua Sha! Think about it! The front side of the shoulder is the breast and chest area. If one side is sore, most often the other side is sore. We received this letter from a client recently…

“I love my Gua Sha! I didn’t believe that massaging my chest could relieve pain in my shoulders – now I do. I work the area around my breast and my shoulder pain has gone away, so has my PMS!!! Thank you and can I get three more?”

Another example around using a Gua Sha to promote breast health is for people who have arm and shoulder pain. Using a Gua Sha to relieve the pain in the hand, wrist, forearm and shoulder is thought to help remove toxic chi or stagnant chi from the affected area. The most common experience is a reduction in pain. It is so easy to use!

Let me tell my own story.

“I often work sixteen hour days seeing back to back clients. I never have body pain but my hands and forearms are tight by the end of the day. I started using the gua sha in between sessions. I feel the same at the end of the day as I did at the beginning. Now I’m even more enthusiastic!”

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