(1) Breathing Exercises
(2) Movement Exercises
(3) Lymphatic Breast Massage
(4) Energy Excercises

The Breast Health Project teaches four simple concepts that can be used together or separately to create healthy lymphatic and energetic movement in breast tissue.

Develop a routine that works for you using these concepts. Know that this routine can change over time depending on your needs. One of the main skills that we are learning to develop with these steps is an increasing sense of what we need at any given time.

When we become comfortable with these exercises, then we can ask our self (or our body or our breasts ) what would be most effective/nourishing/healing for us right now. One day it may be movement, another day massage.

Many of our clients have adapted some of these concepts to work together in their own personalized routines. For example, one woman never leaves the housewithout holding both breasts and saying to them, “Come on girls, you are safe with me.” For her, the most powerful part of our Project was the need to change the fear she had around breast cancer.

She does the four techniques AND she added one of her own that she feels incorporates the message behind the Breast Health Project.

Try to learn all four steps and see which ones you like best. At the bottom of each page, we have a simple explanation of why it seems to work from both an eastern and a western perspective. We also include some of the adaptations we have seen people make with these exercises. Those are there to help you develop the freedom to make these steps your own. Learn them, get comfortable with them, and then (if you want to) alter them to adapt them to your body.

The DVD of these steps is and our whole philosophy is available here.

Then, PLEASE let us know what you think and how they work for you. We are actively collecting data from women like you who have tried these exercises. Write us at:

testimonials@breasthealthproject.com and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

(1) Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises massage the thoracic duct, which is the largest lymph vessel in the body. This helps to move the lymph. There is a direct connection between quality of breathing habits and healthy lymph. Deep breathing also changes our stress response towards a more relaxed response. This helps our system function the way it was intended to function. More than 80% of disease is stress related. Stopping your stress response is a crucial component in disease prevention.

(2) Movement Exercises

Every study implicates the positive connection between exercise and good health. This relates to oxygen, energy and lymph because movement affects them all. There are many types of exercise that are effective for enhancing lymphatic function and energy movement. The Breast Health Project is promoting a set of very simple movements because they are specifically designed to open the energy channels in the chest. Because they are simple, it becomes easier to develop awareness of emotional patterns that may surface when energy begins to move in this area.

(3) Lymphatic Breast Massage

Lymphatic massage is different than regular massage in that it mimics how lymph moves naturally and exaggerates that movement. There are a number of lymph nodes in the armpit area and around the collarbone, which help to clean and filter the breast tissue. We can learn to enhance lymph movement in our breast using simple massage techniques.

(4) Energy Exercises

If your breast tissue and surrounding areas are sore, this is a sign that the energy in your chest area is not moving well. Keeping this area flowing and pain free is an important part of our breast health model. In Eastern medical theory, stagnant energy can create the condition in which disease can develop. The purpose of the energetic exercises that you’ll be taught in this model is to support continuous healthy flow of energy in the breast area. A premenstrual condition may cause breast tenderness. If this is the case and the area is too sore to touch, try these techniques after your period has started. These points stimulated regularly throughout the month will decrease premenstrual soreness.




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