Dr. Susan Love - Dr. Love is a hero to us. She is committed to ending breast cancer and we join her in her efforts. Her website is a great source of updates on research, rumors and ways to help end breast cancer. She has two websites, and She wrote the breast bible Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book and Dr. Susan Love’s Menopause and Hormone Book.


Annie Appleseed Project - Ann Fonfa has the most comprehensive website for information on alternative cancer treatments. She is one of the most informed women who has spent countless hours working to get the conventional medical doctors to look at alternative methods. She is another hero. She does offer guidance for women going thru breast cancer looking for alternatives. Her website are:

Breast Cancer Fund – The Breast Cancer Fund has done a great job of getting major protective legislation passed in California recently. If you want to know what is happening on Capital Hill, Breast Cancer fund is there advocating for you. If you sign up for their mailings, you will get action emails about calling and writing your senators to help get crucial legislation passed.

Breast Cancer Action – Known as the Bad Girls of Breast Cancer they offer information about the environment and access to care. We are happy to have some of their articles on our website:


National Breast Cancer Coalition - Although the NBCC is not actively pushing at environmental issues and a link to Breast Cancer, they are doing a lot of advocacy. They have stated that they don’t believe Breast Self Exams are helpful. If you want to become an advocate, they have a great training program.


A few books come to mind here. Choices in Healing by Michael Lerner and The Breast Cancer Survival Manual by Dr. John Link.


Sometimes a new diagnosis can be overwhelming, think about hiring a cancer guide. Remember Annie Appleseed above or:

If you have DCIS , talk to Dr. Michael Lagios at: He runs a second opinion service.

Ralph Moss at: offers a personalized cancer report based on your pathology report. If there is any complication with your diagnosis, it is helpful to have a non-biased expert looking at the information with you.

Ralph Moss has some great articles he publishes that you can purchase at his website.  Some of his books may be helpful also.  If you are a practitioner, you must get his new book. Complementary Oncology: Adjunctive Methods in the Treatment of Cancer and Antioxidants Against Cancer

The latest thing Dr Moss has me riveted about is the metabolic theory around cancer. This book was for clinicians Cancer as a Metabolic Disease and cost over $100. I had to take a cellular biology class to get thru the book.

This is a easier read.Tripping Over the Truth If you have cancer, please read this book!


Henry Dreher is another Cancer Guide with an extensive research history. These cancer guides can look at both convetional and alternative/holistic treatments. Henry can be found at

Dr Gwen Stritter It's a great opportunity to work with a medical Doctor who is also an advocate. She is kind, present and very smart. Great resource for a second opinion.


Bay Area Cancer Connections

If you are in the San Fransisco Bay Area and want support, please give them a call.  Their buddy program helps people going thru cancer talk with another owman who has faced a similar diagnosis. They have a number of other programs that are equally helpful.


First, let’s be clear. It is very difficult to get great nutritional information form the internet. Try to find someone you can work with personally.

Here are some of the industy pioneers.

Susan Weed

Jeanne Wallace

Donald Yance Master Herbalist



The Physicans Committee for Responsible Medicine

Nutrition is so individual, keep it simple and eat your vegetables. If you need more help, get someone qualified. If you are dealing with cancer, get a cancer nutritionist.

The Satya Center We just found their great website recently and have lifted some recipes from it. is a community website, Portal focusing on alternative health, self-help, spirituality,
relationships, health and healing and global news.


Dr. Samuel Epstein

Although her says there is no way to detoxify these chemicals from our system.  His books are very informative. What's In Your Milk?: An Exposé of Industry and Government Cover-Up on the Dangers of the Genetically Engineered (rBGH) Milk You're Drinking and Cancer-Gate: How to Win the Losing Cancer War

Environmental Working Group

Collaborative on Health and the Environment

Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors


We really like the site:

Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine is a great introduction. Her website is

Richard Gordon wrote Quantum Touch he also does classes.


Candice Pert Molecules of Emotion and the tape series Your Body is Your Subconsious Mind


Honora Lee Wolfe and Bob Flaw's wrote Better Breast Health Naturally with Chinese Medicine


Nan Lu wrote a very simple, comprehensive book A Woman's Guide To Healing From Breast Cancer Using Chinese Medicine

Dr. Jerry Johnson has made a video for using Qi Gong with Breast Disease. It is called Medical Qi Gong for Treating Breast Disease.

Healthy Girls® Breast Oil applied with a loving self-lymphatic breast massage stimulates
the immune system, softens breast tissue, decreases pain and tenderness, while nurturing
and protecting breast tissue.

We hope you find these resources helpful. If you have ones you think we should know about, please contact us.

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