“In 1996 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After six months of treatment, I began the process of healing and living with the ominous possibility of reoccurrence. I was looking for ways to strengthen my immunity and to create long-term health. Lymphatic massage became an important part of supporting my breast health. The breast massage, the daily guasha and breathing routines, changed the quality of my tissue and my confidence in contributing to my immune resiliency. I have been free of cancer for nine years. I highly recommend this work to everyone.”


“Thank you, it is truly a miracle to be in your class. I worked on my client today, she's a very sweet woman and has totally been screwed around by her employer and the workers comp system. The knots in her arm were gone! and I'd been working primarily on the belly and a bit on the axilla until today. A lot of the super tenderness is gone and the temperature of the arm is better! And a spot on her leg, which I've worked on with massage and polarity- to little effect is almost gone, and I have not done lymph work on her leg! This is truly amazing stuff! Thank you so much!”

- Maureen Chaffin, CMT

“Daya brings home the empowering message of breast self care through her teaching of lymphatic breast massage. She is committed, informed, articulate, comfortable, and funny. I would recommend her class to every woman who wants to actively involve herself in her own health care. As a naturopathic doctor, I often prescribe Daya's classes to my clients.

Daya brings compassion, intuition, and highly developed skills to her practice of lymphatic massage. She both listens and responds to her client's needs, and has the medical background to assess their needs. As a person, I felt seen and cared for by Daya. As a body, I felt the release of blockages and the free flow of energy. As a naturopathic doctor, I love to send my clients to Daya, as I am confident of the quality of care they will receive, and of the benefits to their health that they will realize.”

- Connie Hernandez, ND

“That was a great class. I added some of the exercises to my routine this morning. Thank you!!!!!

I would really like to do it again to get more staff to experience it.
Either later this year or early next year, depending on your schedule.

I am so proud of you and your wonderful work. Thank you for sharing it with us!!!!!”

- Kelly Dillman – Spa Director Osmosis Spa

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“I was at the workshop given by Daya on June 29 about doing lymphatic massage to keep my breasts healthy.

The next day, I began doing the massage during my shower and have been doing it every day since.

My breasts feel good, but I discovered a side benefit that has me very excited. I have a chemo port in place because I've been having chemotherapy infusions for the past six months. The port is also used as a blood draw site. The problem is that over the six months, it became harder and harder to draw any blood. The infusions worked fine, but they couldn't get a blood draw, so I was having to have blood taken the old-fashioned way, from a vein in my arm. Well, lo and behold, the next time I went in for an infusion after beginning my breast massage, the blood drew just fine. The nurse asked me what I was doing differently. I told her about the massage. But, of course, I thought it was probably just a fluke, until this past Monday, when the blood draw was again successful. Hallelujah! The nurse said, "Well, it looks like you have your lymphatic fluids flowing quite well, and it's having an effect on the blood draw. How about that!”

Thanks, Daya.


We made this DVD because so many clients begged us to. It is one hour long and is a complete self taught course! This way you can learn the exercises in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Creating Breast Health DVD

Purchase the DVD

“Creating Breast Health is a wonderful and comprehensive tool for every person for whom self-care is a priority.” - Michelle P. Brown, MD, Medical Director, Lemuria Health Institute, Monterey, California

“Thank you, for this gift to all women.” - Kendelyn Beck, Berkeley, CA

“This month my breasts were nearly 100% pain free.” - Jen Weiher, Carmel, California

“I have been practicing what you taught us last week and it has generated much healing. I really appreciate what you brought.”

- Ellen Solot

“Daya, thank you for getting this information out into the world. I've been pointing all of the women in my life to the website and talking about the changes in my own body, having applied what I learned in your lymphatic breast massage class and here on the site.

My breast tissue gets much more fibrous and hurts *a lot* in the days before my period. This month, after just a few weeks of working on myself, my breasts were nearly 100% pain free. I've also noticed a change in the texture of my breast tissue; it's less lumpy-bumpy.

It's amazing how little work it takes to see a difference - this hasn't been a huge time commitment, and I'm able to easily fit it into my routine.

I hope that more and more women will be empowered by your work; you are making a difference.”

Jen Weiher

“When I do manage to do the exercises or some of them at least , my chest feels more open and I expereince less pain and pebbly lymph.”

- Alicia Hart

“I am using your techniques. I feel better just being proactive. I passed along the information to all the women on my staff.”

Frances Malloway

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“My sense has been that the tissue feels smoother, more supple, less lumpy, when I'm doing it every day. Then, too, the massage seemed to help when my breasts started to feel sore before my last period -- a short massage session, and the pain seemed to dissipate.”

- JW


“I genuinely enjoyed learning a brand new thing – The Lymph System and how to massage it. I’m excited about practicing and learning more.”

“Daya was excellent. Her teaching was clear and interesting, presented with humor and knowledge.”

“You are a fun instructor! I like your energy and candidness.”

“Combining the concept of lymphatic system for detox and cleansing with the subtle anatomy of the meridians and the muscle work was really helpful. Daya rules!”

“Great Class! A wonderful and upbeat instructor. I am looking forward to the next level.”

“Daya is FABULOUS! I loved the class and her enthusiasm for her subject. The work is great; my clients love it and so do I!”

“Daya did a terrific job. I would take another class from her anytime!”

“Daya is extremely knowledgeable about a variety of applications regarding lymphatic massage. I appreciate her being able to address my questions about applying lymphatic massage to my work situation. I’ll look forward to the next class.”

“Great Class! Very informative, fun, hands on and VERY PRACTICAL.
Enthusiastic instructor, very knowledgeable and passionate about her work.”

“This class and the teacher are exceptional! I feel I got a solid foundation and real skills to incorporate into my present massage. The material was presented in a clear and easy to understand method.”

“What a great class! This is important work and VERY exciting. I am looking forward to continuing and learning more and hope to take more classes in the future. Great informative instruction.”

“I loved the class and the instructor is an excellent teacher!”

“It was a great class and I learned a lot!”

“This was the best massage class I have taken so far. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I can’t wait for the next class.”

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